#5_Michael Herold_Speaker and self-confidence coach

In 2015, Michael delivered a speech at the TEDx event in Vienna about things that he would tell his younger self if he ever got his hands on a time machine. He talked about how he achieved all the things in his life not despite of his disability, but because of it. Today Michael changes peoples’ lives for the better. He works as a podcaster and coach, and his focus is on helping people become more self-confident. In this show, we will discuss Michael’s early life and learn about his transition to a “new” life. We will also dig deeper into topics like how to train self-confidence and how to stay on track with our personal and professional goals in life, especially when things may feel a bit hard.

Michael’s website: michaelherold.de
Michael’s full TEDx speech: www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbx_rzZYH5Q
Favorite book: “Terri Pratchett’s Guards! Guards! @ www.goodreads.com/book/show/64216.Guards_Guards_
Other resources: 
Brene Brown’s TED talk “The power of vulnerability” @ www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_t…er_of_vulnerability
Mark Manson’s “The subtle art of not giving a fuck” @ www.goodreads.com/book/show/282577…ot-giving-a-f-ck


#4_Hawa Kebe_SETI – Promoting Women of Talent, Vienna.

Hawa Kebe is the founder of SETI, a platform aiming at promoting successful initiatives of African woman and its diaspora in Vienna, Austria. SETI highlights, connects and empowers women of talent who are impacting their communities and beyond. In this conversation, we will discuss a number of things, including how women can rise to their full potential. Moreover, Hawa will share with us her wisdom and experience in women empowerment as well as a couple tips for effective networking.

SETI’s website
Hawa’s blog series “Level up”
Hawa’s book recommendation: Unbowed by Wangari Maathai


#3: Phra Pawithai Vajiravijjo – Pa Pae Meditation Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Phra Pawithai is a Buddhist monk who developed an international meditation center called Pa Pae Meditation Retreat. The center’s aim is to create a place for people from around the world to learn about meditation and the Buddhist wisdom. A former doctor, Phra’s new objective is to inspire people to apply meditation in their everyday lives as part of their routine. His also considers his teaching work as an opportunity to share eastern wisdom with the western world.

Pa Pae Meditation Center: www.papaemeditation.org/en/
Youtube video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpRuMJYAndw


#2: Shilten J. Palathunkal – Storyboard Productions, Vienna.

Shilten is the founder of Storyboard Productions, a start-up media house based in Vienna. He shares with us what is wrong with the media industry and why positive news is needed more than ever before. A former finance industry talent, he realized that his real calling is social entrepreneurship and has since 2016 been putting his energy into revolutionizing media.

Storyboard Productions website: www.storyboardprod.com
The Good News Magazine: www.storyboardprod.com/magazine


#1: Thomas Dori – iamgood community, Vienna.

Thomas is the founder and chief visionary at iamgood. He shares with us how an excessive use of plastics can lead to starting an energized community combining personal development and sustainability aims. We discuss the first impacts of the initiative, Thomas’ vision for its future and his personal take on how to stay focused, effective and also happy.

iamgood website: iamgood.cc
Book recommendation: Getting Things Done by David Allen


# Intro: Jana – the story of Tales of Changemakers

In this short recording, Jana shares why she started the podcast and what she would like to get out of it.